Real Estate & Deed Preparation

Whether you’re purchasing or selling property in the state of Maine, our team can assist with deed preparation and protection of your real estate assets.

Real Estate and Deed Preparation in Maine

A deed is a written document that when properly prepared, signed, and recorded at the Registry of Deeds conveys title to real estate. The deed describes the seller and the buyer, provides a description of the real estate, and any conditions or limitations on one’s use of the real estate.

Deeds to Trusts

In order to avoid probate, it’s a common practice to form a Trust and then deed the property to the Trust. We often assist estate planning attorneys and their clients in other states with the transfer of Maine property into personal trusts. We can assist clients in any county in Maine. In some circumstances, in order to preserve assets, it may make sense to place property in an Irrevocable Trust.

Deeds to Certain Family Members

At Kathryn Bedell, Attorney at Law, we also assist clients with deeds conveying property to family members (e.g., spouse, child). To avoid probate, spouses typically choose to own real estate as Joint Tenants. Sometimes people mistakenly think they own their home as Joint Tenants, but upon review of their deed realize they do not. Just because both names are on the deed does not necessarily mean it is owned as joint tenants. It’s important to know how title to your property is held. Please contact us and we’ll be glad to obtain your deed from the registry to confirm ownership, free of charge. In some circumstances, to preserve assets, it may even make sense to add a family member to your deed.

Real Property Transfer on Death Deeds

Transfer on Death Deeds allow a Maine real property owner to designate beneficiaries in the same way as you would on a bank or stock account. Florida residents are already familiar with this deed and call it a “Ladybird” deed. The advantage of the new deed is that the beneficiaries will have absolutely no rights to the real estate and the owner can change the deed at any time before you die, without notice to the beneficiary. A Transfer on Death Deed will minimize the need for Trusts, especially out-of-state residents with Maine real estate who want to very simply by-pass Maine probate when they die. It will also potentially eliminate probate for Maine residents who have beneficiary designations for all their assets (e.g., life insurance, IRA, bank accounts) except the house. Contact Kathryn Bedell, Attorney at Law today to see if this new deed is right for you!

What is the Best Way to Own Real Estate in Maine?

Download our helpful guide that explains ways you can own real estate in the state of Maine. Topics include: joint tenancy, tenants in common, trusts, and more.

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